Lake Report: Eagle Lake- Kalamazoo, MI



Water temps 55-58

Bob's Big PikeThe opening day of the 2013 Pike season and catch and release bass season brought some nice weather for the first time of the year. The clear water of Eagle Lake can present some challenges but a slight wind created a ripple that helped to make the fishing pretty good. The weed growth has started but was at a perfect point for the fish to feel comfortable and still be able to use a variety of lures without having the weed choked problems that will come later in the year.

The first fish was a nice 9 pound northern pike that hit a Death Shimmer spinnerbait this catch was quickly followed up by a few small bass. Though the first few fish were caught in the middle of the lake the action heated up dramatically as we approached the warmer shallows on the north side of the lake.

With the water in the 58 degree range on the north side in 4 foot of water we got a 15 pound pike to hit a Live Target Crawfish Squarebill in red. This was just the beginning the action soon became fast and furious with many small bass biting the red crank and an Advantage spinnerbait in the bluegill pattern. Both of those lures were eventually responsible for a big bass each in the five pound range, nice way to start the season.

Rob's Big PikeIf you want easy fishing on Eagle get out there soon before the weeds reach the top and make for some frustrating fishing. The fishing is still good later in the season but the lure choices will be mostly limited to weedless presentations. Big bass and pike will hit most days on Eagle but traffic and weeds can make you have to work harder for success. 50 fish in 5 hours is typical with a lunker or two to brag about.

If you see us out there be sure to say hi we are more than happy to take the time to clue you in on what’s working best.

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  1. Is this at the eagle lake near augusta or near mattawan?

    • Team Bad Poncho
      Team Bad Poncho

      This one is near Mattawan, out on OP Ave.

      • Interesting – i live on this lake and havent caught a pike nor have i landed a bass even close to that size. Any recomendations for good weedless lures?

        • Team Bad Poncho
          Team Bad Poncho

          When the lake gets clogged in we usually reach for 1/2oz Johnson Silver Minnows, 3/8oz spinnerbaits, or texas rigged Power Worms.

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