Lake Report: Baseline Lake- Trowbridge, MI

Baseline Lake



Water temp 64-68 degrees

Water clarity- very stained

102_6876The lack of visibility in the water of Baseline is legendary, this means the fish are in shallow water more than on most waters. With the lily pads just starting to reach the surface this is an excellent time to be able to get to these skinny water fish with lures that move fast. Later in the year the thick pads that line the lake will make it necessary to fish slowly.

The extra flash of the Advantage spinnerbaits really help to draw fish from a distance in this murky water. There really wasn’t anything complicated in the way we caught fish today just throwing spinnerbaits as shallow as possible and hang on. A few fish hit off the drop but most were very shallow and chasing anything they could find. The slime can be a little frustrating but it will get worse as the season progresses so taking advantage of the relative ease of the fishing now is a good idea.

In the areas that the pads have reached the surface the swim-jig was very productive and caught some quality fish. For the most part the fish were small but a few threes and fours made it worth the effort of weeding through the dinks. In some spots 4 or 5 fish would bite in one small spot making for a fun trip. The bigger fish were often caught right between a bunch of small ones so if you’re getting bites you’re in the right area.

As the water warms and the spawn ends the lake will produce many fish over five pounds sometimes several per trip. Fifty plus fish days that are happening now will likely end soon but the biggens will be biting soon after. The lake tends to get a lot of pressure so if you can get out during the week or on rainy days your chances are much better. Remember on Baseline if you’re not getting bit the next cast could produce the fish of a lifetime so don’t get discouraged.



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