Lake Report: Barton Lake-Vicksburg Michigan

Barton Lake



With the topwater bite on it was only a matter of time until we boated a largie that would tip the scales.

Time for us to practice for another tournament on a lake I haven’t fished in about 8 or 9 years. As usual the lake didn’t change much but the new launch and parking area are very nice pavement and cement beat dirt every time. We decided to start as soon as we could see it was already over 70 degrees as the sun came up the boat was in the water. I did have the chance to talk to a couple of other fisherman before we set out they seemed to think the lake had been getting a lot of pressure the last few weeks with 3 or 4 contests per week. Barton has never been that good for me but I have just enough experience on the lake to give me an idea of what not to do or what areas to not bother with.

The first spot we pulled up to seemed to be on fire with fish popping the top our excitement was short lived as we began to notice most of the surface action was done by carp. About this time we saw are choice of areas was well chosen as the sun rose higher the bass became very active all over the lake but especially around us. The buzz-bait was drawing attention

The action was fast and furious, just the way we like it!

but the fish refused to commit. After a change to a walk the dog bait we started to boat a lot of fish of all sizes. The other lure that was producing well was the Sebile swimbait it has great action and went through the weeds very well. As the day wore on the action slowed to a fish or two per hour but moving to cooler water payed off with a couple more solid fish.

The numbers and size of the bass on this lake are impressive. I am looking forward to the tourney there will be a lot of fish caught I’m sure. Another thing to note would be the assassinator spinner bait once the topwater bite died down this lure made a lot of difference. During the mid-day fishing a weedless spoon in the pads by the flowing water of the channel made for good action when the fishing on other parts of the lake had slowed down. We will be back at this lake again for the carp shooting which should be good for daytime or nighttime fun. Whether with rod and reel or your PSE bow this lake is worth a try. With 25 bass up to 4 pounds practice went well as it usually does when my son is there to help. Thanks son hope you have a plan for Upper Crooked next week.

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