Kustom Kicker Jigs Freak Jig Review

In a perfect world a jig is more than a jig; it is a crankbait, it is a frog, it is a spoon. We might not be in the perfect world but we are inching closer with the Kustom Kicker Freak.

As an angler that relies on action in order to get a reaction the 2K Freak is an unbelievable fit. Featuring one of the most unique heads on the market the Freak delivers a heart stopping walk that is unmatched, even by some of the frogs out on the market.

KustomKickerFreakJigs often scare anglers away because of the intensity needed to set the hook, with the Freak all you need is a light bite and a sharp steady pull to get the job done. The Freak uses a relatively thin wire hook which means less energy needed to puncture, especially when coupled to the thin yet durable weed guard.

Being offered in 10 colors, all utilizing a gorgeous blend of flashabou, silicone, and living rubber you’ll be sure to find a pattern that matches your needs. If you’re worried about the beauty becoming the beast there is no need to fret, the man himself Dan Hatchew has a crew that copper ties each skirt to maintain the perfect look and feel.

If you’re looking to get the most out of this ingenious little jig throw on a 4” Berkley Thief or any other 4” beaver bait. Using a big beefy beaver gives this 3/8-1/2oz jig a controllable descent into the depths or allows the Freak to stay right up on top creating more noise that a Nikki Minaj concert.

Perhaps the only thing we can really point out is that yes, the thinner hook does make it easy to set the hook it also makes it easy for the boys who run 80lb braid and 7’ 10” flippin’ sticks to bend out a hook. With that being said northern pike aren’t known for having soft mouths and being from the north we have seen out fair share of toothy critters.

If you’re interested in the Freak check out http://www.kustomkickerjigs.com.

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