Koppers Live Target Yellow Perch Crankbait & Jerkbait

Ice out is a magic time for us Northern anglers, after a long cold winter we can’t wait to put our boats in and start casting. One of the first fish we cast a line for is Yellow Perch because they are tasty and abundant this time of year but anglers aren’t the only ones chasing these golden goodies. Pike, musky, walleyes and bass all love to take advantage of the perch for a healthy snack just like we do so a natural yellow perch shape and finish will help you get bit in the clear waters of spring.

Every species chased down the perch!
Every species chased down the perch!

A jerkbait is a perfect choice for both pre and post spawn fish and the Live Target Yellow Perch is as good as any and better than most when used as a jerkbait. What makes this lure a class of its own is that it works exceptionally well as a crankbait also. When jerked around on a semi slack line the lure darts and dances but when a fairly steady retrieve is used it wobbles nicely and tracks true like a quality crankbait. A combination of the two techniques drives it deep and makes it very versatile.

We can’t talk about versatile without mentioning the variety of species this lure will catch, at the bottom of the page are some pictures of the six different species I caught on the lure in the same day. From a morning of crankin’ for pike to an afternoon of jerkbaiting for bass the same lure in two different sizes and finishes caught fish all day on a lake with 17 foot visibility. Most fish that saw the lure at least followed it and with a little twitch as if I was trying take it away from them would entice a confident strike.

A wide range of sizes will get ya from shallow to deep and any size fish. The finishes might not seem very diverse but the difference in flash and visibility will cover any conditions. For me a perch pattern is always my first choice and having a metallic a fluorescent and a natural in that pattern should fit most all of your needs. The slender shape and big hooks makes for an amazing hook up ratio on a bait that most fish will hit on one retrieve or another. Whether banging on the bottom or dead sticking this very slow rising lure with the perfect paint offers lots of triggering qualities.

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  1. Do you have any information on the dive curve for the Koppers the big live target yellow perch? Thank You Randy Metiva Birch Run, MI.

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