Koppers Live Target Squarebill Crawfish Crankbait

We might as well just start with the most obvious feature of any Live Target lure, this lure is beautiful. There is no denying the realism in finish and shape of this crawfish like crankbait and with absolutely no compromise in function. Oh yes, I’m saying the beauty of this lure goes beyond skin deep.

The colors available for this model are varied and fairly unique, there are a few colors that I wouldn’t even know where to look to find LiveTarget Red Craw Squarebillsomething similar. When you couple these colors with the real crawfish patterns they are sure to be killers on the water. There is one more little detail that you may find interesting there are several clear spots in the pattern that allow light to pass and flash through the lure. In clear water and bright skies the effect was brilliant.

This crankbait ran just like you want a squarebill to run with a rather wide wobble with a slight rolling action. The bait is not very speed sensitive from very slow to pretty fast the bait runs true, this really helps if you’re in the back of the boat and can’t control your line like you would like to. I put the bait through sticks, weeds, cement blocks and rocks and enjoyed every minute of it. When it comes in contact with anything it rolls up almost on its side and darts away then rights itself quickly as it darts back to the original path.

The rattle on this one is not a bunch of little pellets it makes more of a click, click or a thump similar to a one knocker, definitely a sound not often heard from other lures. The lure casts well without much twirling in the wind. The Live Target Crawfish squarebill has a Pike in the Netfast dive and a slower rise to increase strikes since both of those are triggers. The stock hooks are of premium quality and as big as practical making this a 10 out of 10 squarebill in my book.

Our test days for this product were one cloudy day and one sunny day fish from 5 pound bass to 15 pound pike were caught in very clear water proving a wide range of applications. Smaller fish didn’t shy away from it either making for a 20 plus fish afternoon. Now is the tough part on one hand I would love to fish this lure more but on the other hand Koppers Live Target has many more great products to try out.

I am already eager for the review season to end and our “fun” season to begin to get back on the water with this little squarebill, I think I might have a new confidence bait.

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