Koppers Live Target Popper Frog Review

We all have our favorite poppers and for the most part they are very similar, heck for most of us there’s a good chance it’s the classic Pop-R from the design over three decades old. Nothing wrong with using old faithful but we all want to try what’s new to. What’s new is the Live Target Frog (popper).

KoppersLIVETARGET-Popper-FrogThis frog popper is a profile very different from any we have ever seen. It is long and thin, a shape we all know fish usually prefer. This long thin shape offers up a whole new look in a popping bait with an action much different also. The small cup that provides the popping action is small enough to not get in the way of a hook-up and big enough to push an incredible amount of water. Furthermore the hooks look and act as part of the lure not an addition to the lure.

This is one easy popper to make do its thing any little tug will produce a very nice pop or gurgle. With some chop on the water it might take a more aggressive tug but it does this just fine to, very controllable is how I would describe the popping action of this new style of popper. The bait can be walked back and forth with ease making it possible to change direction and move it through and around any emergent cover.

Though the design of this bait is ingenious the star feature of any Live Target lure is the look and the popping frog is no different it looks great. With a great action it might be forgotten that this bait produces well even when sitting still. Even a wily old bass will likely lose control looking this frog in the eye. Looks action and versatility makes this a must try new class of lure.

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