Key West Inn: A Hotel To Remember

When booking our trip with Jake over at Mid-South Bass Guides it was suggested that we stay at the Key West Inn, so we did. Being as we don’t travel too much we honestly didn’t expect a lot, but once we arrived after the 12 hour drive we were pleasantly surprised, especially for the stellar price!

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot it was obvious that this place could very well be our second home. The anglers standing by their boats as they charged was an interesting sight for us being that any other hotel we have seen doesn’t really cater to the outdoorsman. Once we finally got done talking with the other anglers it was time to get our room. The moment we walked into the lobby we were greeted by an ever-so sweet “Hey y’all!” The hospitality of the staff was totally reassuring that this hotel is an excellent place to be.

The later it got the more tired we became, after a few hours of hanging out the marina this is bound to happen, so we made our way to our room. We were greeted by a very tidy room with everything that somebody needs to be comfortable, this was very important for us because my father is somebody that has a history of back problems but that was not a worry here!

After getting nice and cozy in the beds we awoke to the smell of a Hardee’s breakfast, being from up north that smell is something we really don’t get. On our way down from our room we stopped inside the lobby at around 6am and were surrounded by anglers sitting down sharing stories while munching on some bagels and drinking some good ol’ coffee. The Key West Inn is most definitely a place I hope to return to in a timely fashion, especially the one is Scottsboro, AL.


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