Michigan BFL Kick Off with Jon Witt

With the Burt and Mullet BFL in the books for the 2013 season Bad Poncho Outdoors and Bass Angler Magazine saw two anglers make a strong showing. Anglers Jon Witt and Tony Mitchell hit the first event of the season hard and it showed.

980513_10200190804799921_1537422051_o Jon Witt ended his day in 6th place with 17-06. Witt struggled for a small portion of the day but grabbed five on tubes, drop shot, and spinnerbaits. Dropping multiple big fish on jerkbaits and one on a drop shot Witt said shallow waters played an important role in his placing. Drop shotting shallow water was not something Jon was used to doing but will be part of his arsenal in future events. Witt gave much credit to his boater Charlie Lowery who he had as a boater once before back in the early 90’s.

With storms coming in Witt’s boater used the 60 mile per hour winds to their advantage, throwing a white spinnerbait. One of Jon’s better fish came during storm while many anglers were hunkered down trying to avoid the worst of the storm. Making many adjustments during the changing weather conditions of the day played a major role in Jon boating 8 keepers for the day to secure his top ten finish putting him in a good position for the rest of the season.

980057_10200190485671943_701509577_oTony Mitchell didn’t fair as well but after a very slow start to the day was able to salvage some points late in the day by fishing docks for a few bites just in time for weigh-in. The rest of the season should see him climb up the leader board as he is very familiar with the most of the water they will be on the rest of the season.

You might as well get used to seeing  the names Jon Witt and Tony Mitchell as after over twenty years of fishing these events on their own dime they have both secured some great sponsors for this season and future ones. Bad Poncho Outdoors will be at as many of their events as possible and with Bass Angler Magazine on board we’re sure they will attract some media coverage. They have both gained support from their places of employment and the businesses of friends including, RJ’s Expediting, Midwest custom Embroidery and Stafford Smith, I know they appreciate the support and will represent them well.


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