Join the Jackall Squad, Minnow Style

With so many jerkbait designs out on the market it can be difficult to come up with something that is unique, Seiji Kato broke through that difficulty and brought us the Squad minnow. This jerkbait definitely deserves to be a part of the Jackall line up; it is both innovative and beautiful, this seems to be a trend with Jackall.

The Squad minnow comes to us in 3 sizes and 13 different colors, meaning there is 39 different Squad minnows which brings one for every situation. The two larger versions do bring an extra feature to the table, which is the moving internal weight system.

The weight system is something that Jackall has perfected on numerous baits and this one is no different. This system lends itself perfectly to the jerkbait style; it helps to create a better zigzag presentation with every twitch of the rod and helps it to stop when you want to pause the bait.

While the weight system does help it also causes them to be at the smallest 1/2oz, but even at that they still magically suspend. We are always skeptical of suspending lures because more often than not they are not truly suspending, that isn’t the case here though. During its time in the test tank we left it in there for about 3 hours, by that time we got tired of check it, during that time it sat in the same spot, truly amazing!

Jackall keeps bringing anglers tackle that is innovative and great to look at; shouldn’t you be using a Jackall on your tournament day?

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