Jobs for the Outdoorsman: TV Show Host

With the advent of television it didn’t take long for the first outdoor shows to start popping up. Whether you hunt or fish there is a distinct possibility that you have dreamed about having your own TV show, and there is good reason for that. Outdoorsmen seem to have a need to be acknowledged for their achievements, what better way to do so than to have your own show!

One of the first filmed outdoor adventures featured a legendary hunter by the name of Fred Bear back in 1942. Films from that era are a far cry from what we are producing today at a much smaller budget. Like today though those films of conservation played an important role in educating people about the outdoors.

In today’s industry hosts are expected to be educational, informative, personable, and most importantly respectable. Unlike the vast majority of other reality TV shows I seem to find that outdoor shows are perhaps more “reality” shows than anything else, yes that includes you “Real Housewives of Fill-In-The-Blank”. What other type of television shows the ups-and-downs of an adventure better than outdoor shows? I am really starting to believe that it takes a special person to host one of those shows based on the fact that if you make a mistake the guy infront of the computer makes the final call on whether that “oops” gets put into your television show or not.

The pressures hosts are under during filming doesn’t even compare to the pre-show engagements. If you notice those commercials during your favorite television show, a vast majority of those commercials are actually paying the show itself which allows the show to keep on chuggin’ along! Guys like Bill Dance, Hank Parker, and Jimmy Houston have been established for such a long time that if they send a shout out sponsors come flocking, but for people like you and me finding the sponsors that are willing to shell out thousands of dollars may be extremely tough to come by. Not only do you have to track down sponsors you also have to impress the executives at places like NBC Sports, Outdoor Channel, or the Pursuit Channel to get your show on there in the first place, talk about tough!

There is hope though! Thanks to websites like and YouTube people are now able to have their own web shows and if you are good enough advertisers will start flocking, then once you have enough backers there is no way the big guys can say no!

I guess what I’m trying to say is this, the job of a television host is stressful, it is a hard line of work to get into but once you do it would be near impossible to give up. So try your hand at a YouTube show and let us know what your channel is, we just might spotlight you!

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