Jobs For The Outdoorsman: Fishing Guide

How does it sound to fish for 12 hours a day? What if you had to fish for 12 hours a day? If this sounds good to you then the life of a fishing guide may peak your interest.

If you want to get into this profession there are some things you are going to need. Some of these things you need to buy, the other things you need to earn. When it comes to what you need to buy that list should contain items like: a sizeable boat/motor, tackle, good electronics, and proper guide insurance. As for the stuff you have to earn; think things like skills, reputation, personality, and humor.

Our day with Jake down in Alabama was one of our most memorable experiences, just the way a day with a guide should be.

Once you have finally gathered what you needed to buy and earn its time to use those tools to attract customers. To be profitable you need to be able to fill your schedule, in order to do that a solid marketing plan must be put in place. This marketing plan must target a very specific demographic, that being fishermen. The best way to reach anglers would be to get your advertisements into magazines, commercials, and popular fishing websites. Perhaps a cheap alternative for the beginning of your career may be to employ the ever-expanding social networking sites. That being said we met up with our favorite fishing guide, Mid-South Bass Guide, through Facebook.

If you are looking for an example of what a guide service should be then Jake Davis over at Mid-South Bass Guide offers a perfect example. Even throughout the lows of the day you must be able to keep your customers confident in themselves, their skills, and you. The thing that Jake did so perfectly was he made it feel as though you have been fishing together for years, if you can figure out a way to get that kind of people skills then you are on the right track. Being able to be a person your clients come to-to learn new techniques, skills, or where to catch fish will enable you to become a very successful guide. A good way to get the confidence of the client before they even step into your boat may be to post pictures on your website of your catches and past client’s catches, also think about doing a lake report so that the future customers know what to expect.

There is one problem a lot of anglers that want to be guides will run into, guide fishing is totally different than any other type of fishing. When tournament fishing or even fun fishing anglers are keen to keep secrets but once you become a guide you must be ready and willing to give up all of your secrets to anybody who comes into your boat. Another major difference is that not only do you have to be willing to give up your secrets but you also have to be happy to have another person take your fish you worked for, for some anglers this may be the hardest thing to do. The last big difference is that you will be fishing with somebody new every day, and they may be at any skill level, this can produce unique challenges on every trip. Because you will be fishing with somebody new every day you must prepare to deal with all kinds of personalities and expectations, this will require you to have a very high maturity level.

Being a guide can be one of the happiest times in an anglers career, but it also can produce some of the most frustrating circumstances know to any angler. Over all the life of a guide is very stressful because you never know for sure if you will be working next week, you often spend 12 hours a day or more away from your family, and any free-time you have leftover will most likely be spent respooling reels or going over maps. If you are still interested in becoming a guide spend the money and go be with one for a day, the only way to know is to experience it.

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