Jerry McKinnis, The Betty White of Bass Fishing


Recently we had the privilege to talk to Jerry McKinnis about the future of B.A.S.S., the chat wasn’t only informative, but also very entertaining as well. If you ever get the chance to listen to one of this man’s stories, take it. We initially planned on converting the conversation from a phone call into text but we just couldn’t capture Jerry’s vocal presence through a textual route.

We honestly went into the interview not knowing what to expect, we were surprised by what we received. So often in other industries you talk to somebody you have looked up to for so long and they are not who you thought they were, but Jerry is one of those people in which you get what you see. It is because of this reason that we wanted to find our way into the industry.

We decided to start out the conversation by asking about B.A.S.S. and how he sees it progessing. Sounds to us like Jerry is very happy with the direction of the brand and we all should be as well. With somebody who cares so deeply about getting the future generations out fishing we know the brand is in good hands and will work to benefit the anglers.

After seeing companies that have nothing to do with fishing sponsoring people who fish, we had to ask about Jerry’s thoughts on this, again sounds like there is some interest there.

An interesting story that popped up was the one about Dave Mercer, I for one found this story to be just awesome and shows Dave’s charismic personality. For those of you that find Dave to be oddly encaptivating you will be able to get more of him at the Bassmaster Classic.

We even got to talk to Jerry about Faculty of Fishing and Bassmaster University and we received a rather interesting experience that even the most knowledgeable people in the industry could relate to.

There sure was a lot more in the conversation than what we could put down here, if we were to make an analysis on everything that was said we would be here until the 2013 bass season.

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  1. I have growed up watching Jerry on TV and have learn alot about the sport from him. I alway thought that itwould be great to beable to do what Jerry does and I really think bass is going to be better now that Jerry has taken overnot to say Ray scott has not done good but I think Jerry is in to helping people learn and enjoy the sport. the money is nice but money is not everthing. Thanks Jerry

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