Jeremy Balsley: Art in the Water

Since the beginning of fishing art has been an integral part of it, from sketches to the lures themselves art has played an important role. In recent years the flare has worn off as many anglers prefer to use machined plastic baits, but there still is a need for world class carvers. That is where Jeremy Balsley comes in.

Deadfish SignJeremy is hands down on the top of my list of favorite artists, the work that he is able to produce is simply amazing. Recently we had him create an Angler Skins pendent for a necklace, it came out so incredibly precise you would think it came from a machine. Even at that though, we have seen yet better work from Jeremy.

Over the past year he has completed work for our friends over at NAPRA and Deadfish Bait Company. While these projects came out looking spot on, there is one element in both of these works that I find very intriguing. Those parts being the replicas that Jeremy was able to create, down to the individual scales and the colorations. The work on the Deadfish sign is one that I’m sure will have a spot in his portfolio for years to come.

NAPRA PlaqueHis main bread and butter though are his hand carved fishing lures. These lures are painstakingly made one at a time by the man himself before using his other talents to finish them off. Take the BallFrog for instance, we ran a review on them last year, they are gorgeous. The highly detailed paint and the thought that goes into each bait allows them to warrant the price of $15 each, not to mention that you get to choose the eye color, size, and the hooks that are used on your BallFrog. That isn’t all that he produces though, he also carves jointed wake baits. As with the rest of his products these are high quality pieces of art, they do come at a price though, that price being $50.

Jeremy has passed the point of being a lure designer; he is now to the point of being a professional artist. Check out more of his designs by clicking the image below.

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