Jackall’s Drop Shotting Treasure Chest

The guys from Jackall Lures are at it again, this time designing some of the best drop shot baits on the market. While these are extremely lifelike it surely doesn’t mean they will break the bank.

Super Crosstail Shad

This lure was designed with one purpose in mind, drop shotting. The tail offers an excellent mimicking action while not being overly large or invasive. The design of the tail is style like a “T” which allows the bait to dart around like an erratically moving baitfish.

The Super Crosstail Shad is available in 8 vivid color patterns from an electric blue and pearl Violet Shad to an ultra-realistic Baby Bass pattern. Having this versatility combined with the Alive layer coat that gives the bait the feel of a genuine forage species should help to land you more fish.

Clone Fry

When you absolutely need to match the forage the Clone Fry should be your first choice. From the eyes to the paint the Clone Fry is so incredibly spot on you may actually lose track of your own bait. The thing that sticks out to me the most about the Clone Fry is the way that the tail works, even though it looks like the standard split tail somehow it does more. I can’t quite explain it but Jackall did their magic again and came up with something so subtle that it makes a huge difference in the way the bait works in the water.

The Clone Fry is best suited for super finesse presentations when the bass are finicky or when they do not want to bite your less natural presentations.

Clone Gill

The Clone Gill is one of those baits that you need for when the bass are bedding. Bluegills are one of the primary nest raiders that bass have to deal with and it just so happens that this raider is a perfect bite size snack, sounds like a good mix doesn’t it? The primary way to rig this bait is on a drop shot but like the Clone Fry the sky is the limit with rigging, personally I enjoyed tossing it on a straight shank hook on its side, this allows the bait to flutter down slowly keeping it in the bass’s face taunting it.

With the sight fishing at its peak here in Michigan there is no doubt that all of these will be thrown at those bedding bass with high expectations that Jackall is known to live up to. For those of us that aren’t finesse fisherman this gives us an advantage to learn faster and more efficiently than the other guys. Now if you will excuse me I have fish to catch.

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