Jackall Brings The Bling

Bling is what makes you stand out in the crowd and the Bling 55 is definitely a standout in the crowd of square billed crankbaits. The popularity of square billed crankbaits is probably as high now as it has ever been, with many big tournaments being won on this technique recently. Square billed crankbaits are flying off the shelves these days, so it’s time for you to decide if you want to be left behind, keep up with everyone else or leave them all in your wake. There are a lot of square billed cranks on the market today that will work just fine, but if it’s not your style to settle for works just fine then the Bling 55 is just what you are looking for.

Check out those iconic yellow eyes!

I developed a personal connection with our test bait immediately because of the color pattern of blue back and chartreuse. My first tournament season we won team of the year mostly because of a small crankbait I painted with this pattern back in 1990. Although all the colors in the Bling 55 line have that old faithful look right down to the yellow painted eyes.

The action of this lure is where it starts to vary from what we are used to. The flat sides and thin fiberglass bill give the lure a tight fast wobble not unlike a rattle bait. What this does different than a rattle bait is it lets you more easily control depth and speed along with the ability to bounce off cover in a very seductive way. A flat sided lure also tends to put out a more pronounced flash. Though a flat side lure can be unstable in flight and on the retrieve, Jackall has solved both issues with a magnetic weight system. Centrifugal force throws the weight to the rear of the lure during flight and the magnet pulls the weight toward the front of the lure on the retrieve stabilizing the Bling 55 in both cases. This all adds up to a lure that casts farther and more accurate.

Check out the hook mounting point!

The hardware on the Bling 55 was also well thought out from the oval line tie that greatly reduces the chance of chipping your line due to it slipping around the ring, right down to the over sizes hooks made possible by tweaking the hook attachments 90 degrees meaning more hook with no tangles. Last but not least the rattles, this lure has a loud and unique sound rivaling most rattle baits.

In summary the Bling 55 from its durable classic colors to its water grabbing fiberglass lip and all the other tweaks towards perfection this lure is highly recommended. You can try to keep up with the Jones or let them try to keep up with you. Get ahead of the competition with the Jackall Bling 55 you won’t regret it.

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