Jackall Aska60SR: Architecture is a Fine-Art

Crankbaits, when you hear the word you can’t help but think of the classics and the legends, but there is a new kid on the block, the Jackall Aska60SR. This silent running crankbait is one that I personally plan on using when my money is on the line.

Jackall ASKA60SRIt might sound a little brash right? Well, I don’t think so. The engineering that went into this silent square bill was a labor of love for legenedary designer Seiji Kato. Kato is said to have spent over five years and make over 100 prototypes to come up with this gem. For those of you that may not know who Seiji Kato is Seiji Kato is pretty much the Calvin Klein of crankbaits. As with all of the other Jackall products it features some little modifications that simply make you want to say “Yeah, that’s a good idea!”

The internals are what Jackall is known for; complex enough to not be reproduced and simple enough to be effective every time you use it. The weight system that the Aska60SR uses allowed me to cast it on my preferred rig, a 7′ MH, out an extra few feet which results in covering more watch which means getting the bait in front of more fish. After it gets out there you have to bring it back right? Jackall has you covered there as well. The Aska60SR sports a fiberglass-circuit board style lip that grabs water to give the slender body a quick wobble and roll while still appealing to the highly pressured bass that a rattle can sometimes scare off. After a few hours of tossing the Aska60SR you will notice that your beautiful paint is untouched thanks to how the belly hook eye is positions, making it so that the specially made Gamakatsu hyper shield short shank hooks have less of a chance to scrape the side of your square bill.

I had quick success with the Aska60SR throwing it over vegetation and just ticking the top, even diving it into the vegetation it rarely came back covered in grass. The main reason behind the quick¬†success¬†was due to it being a TRUE reaction bait; a fish hears a rattle coming it knows its coming, a fish doesn’t hear the Aska60SR until it is right there, resulting in a true reaction bite. I also made a strong attempt to beat it against laydowns, I failed to snag it even though I tried, this was mainly a testament to the bill, the bill offers just enough flex to bounce it away from the cover without burying the high quality hooks into submerged wood.

Though it does retail at around $16 if you have the funds and want the upper hand on the competition the Jackall Aska60SR is the way to go.

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