Jack-It Products Review: Jackin’ Bass One At a Time

It seems like every other day there is a new company on the market but it’s not too often that a company comes out of the gate like a bull trying to throw Justin McBride off its back. Jack-It Products hit it strong in 2013 with their booth at the Classic in Tulsa right by the main entrance.

Based out of our home state of Michigan Brian Metry showed the anglers in his area what his new babies could do, and it stuck.

130224_cox_198The most talked about one is the Liberty Hydronic, this new technology has caught on overseas but Jack-It is the first company to bring it over here to the States. The special hole in the bill designs allows the crankbait to its desired depth without completely wearing out the angler like the competition.

If getting deep is on your mind then the Deep Runner series is the answer, available in 15-18’ and 20-24’ these crankbaits are sure to get even deeper when long lining for ultra-deep schooling fish in the height of summer.

If you’re like me then beating the bank and running flats has your attention. The Hammer comes in as their lipless crankbait; weighing in at 3/4oz you can chuck this guy a long way and get him down to just about any depth in a hurry or burn it across the top for viscous strikes.

Then we have the Predator. You’ll notice the bill on this guy is a little unique, offering anglers a super wide wobble in a truly 3D molded body. Getting down to 4ft on average the Predator is a viable option for running over grass flats. I did find the Predator to be a little speed sensitive but with the unique lip you are bound to compromise somewhere.

Being a St. Clair company what kind of company would Jack-It be without Jerkbaits? The Jerk Money 120 is called that for a reason, anglers have been using the Jerk Money to win cash on St. Clair for a couple of years now and doing it pretty consistently. The jerkbait is available in three series; slow rising, suspending, and slow sinking. No matter what way you go you’re sure to get on ‘em and jack ‘em!

Lastly we have the Jack Flash Frog. While we didn’t have a chance to play with this frog it does look comparable to the competition on the market and at a price point of $8.99 it wouldn’t hurt to pick one up and give it a shot!

Overall the Jack-It lineup is unique and diverse, if at first you don’t find something you like just keep on clicking and I’m sure you’ll find yourself a new ol’ faithful.

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