Iobee Jackall’s Perfect Frog

Jackall has been a favorite of ours for some time now for one good reason, every lure they produce is exceptional right out of the package and the Iobee frog is no exception. I have been fishing frogs of all types since the early eighties with great success, especially for big fish. As with most lures there is a right time or place for their use, with hollow bodied frogs they have been primarily used for “slop fishing” their lack of action has kept them from being very effective in open water. Jackall has made the Iobee very effective in open water with a walk the dog action that is as good as any hard bait out there. The main issue anglers have with a hollow body frog is that the hook up ratio is a little low. The Iobee is the softest frog on the market provding the best hook up ratio of any I have ever used. Along with the soft plastic comes a super sharp hook that is presented at a well-planned out angle of attack.

Now that we will be fishing our hollow body frogs out in open water the fish will want a color that pleases them and Jackall has that well covered with the beautiful pattern choices of the Iobee. The right color can entice a savage strike even while the lure is sitting still but the Iobee never really sits motionless because of the legs that slowly sink and quiver as the frog sits at rest. Many frogs tend to fill up with water while at rest and this ruins the performance of the lure. In our time fishing with the lure we found no problem with the Iobee frog filling with water this brings the frog up to a whole new level of uses and performance. Jackall has always excelled in the internals of lures and the Iobee frog is no exception this frog will cast farther than most any other on the market and with more accuracy.

Jackall has done it again but that is what we have come to expect from the company that has perfected lure internals for casting and action performance. If you have never used a frog type bait or if you have used many the Jackall Iobee frog will impress. If you are looking to land a really big fish the Iobee frog is a good choice as that is what frogs are known for. Frog fishing is as hot as ever and this Jackall frog is the hottest so jump on board.

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