ICAST 2014: Yum Warning Shot

The new Warning Shot drop shot and finesse bait from YUM features hand-pour quality and a unique, thin blade-shaped tail that moves with the slightest twitch or breath of current. This 3 ¾-inch ribbed worm has a flat bottom to exaggerate the natural up-and-down swimming action and a slashing, blade-like tail that wags back-and-forth like a puppy dog tail.

Yum Warning ShotSuccessful drop shotting often depends on creating bait action in a stationary position, and the soft, pliable ribbed body and thin tail on the new Warning Shot produces that tantalizing action. Perfect for drop shotting or rigged on a jig and used as a finesse worm.

The new YUM Warning Shot is available in eight bass-focused color patterns. For more information go towww.yumbaits.com.

About YUM – YUM was established in 2002 in Fort Smith, Ark., to manufacture technologically advanced, scientifically proven and truly effective soft plastic lures. Part of PRADCO Outdoor Brands fishing division, which also includes legendary lure companies such as BOOYAH, Heddon, Rebel and others, YUM produces top-quality umbrella rigs and jigheads in addition to cutting-edge soft plastic baits. PRADCO Outdoor Brands is owned by EBSCO Industries, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., a global corporation with divisions and subsidiaries in 23 countries. Founded in 1944 by the late Elton B. Stephens, EBSCO has grown and diversified into more than 40 businesses.

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