ICAST 2014: YUM Sharp Shooter


The new YUM Sharp Shooter drop shot and finesse worm features all of the qualities of a hand-pour – soft, supple plastic, a flat bottom that provides a horizontal attitude on the hook, and a flat, thin tail flare. While the Sharp Shooter is designed for use on a drop shot rig, it also catches bass when rigged on a light-wire jighead or even a downsized Texas rig.

The new Sharp Shooter worms are thin in diameter to increase that lifelike undulation that triggers strikes. The Sharp Shooter features a soft, smooth body, and the enticing spear-like tail moves with every rod twitch or tiny breath of current.

The new YUM Sharp Shooter drop shot and finesse worm is available in two sizes, 4 ½- and 6-inches, and is available in 10 pro-selected, fish-catching color patterns. For more information go to www.yumbaits.com.

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