ICAST 2014: YUM Kill Shot



Drop-shot baits must be soft and supple to produce a realistic look and feel to catch bass in clear-water or during neutral feeding modes, and until now the only way to get the right plastic consistency was to go with a hand-poured worm – an expensive and sometimes frustrating choice. The new YUM Kill Shot gives you a consistency comparable to hand-poured baits without the frustration of searching for limited inventory or paying out the nose for them.

The YUM Kill Shot features a flat bottom for a dependable horizontal attitude on the hook, and a ribbed body that produces fish-attracting water displacement. Add to that a raised vertical ridge along the tail to enhance both side-to-side and up-and-down swimming action and you’ve got your next go-to drop shot or finesse worm bait. The Kill Shot is available in eight color patterns proven to catch all species of bass. YUM Kill Shots are made in the USA.

The new YUM Kill Shot drop shot bait is 3.75-inches in length and is available in eight bass-focused color patterns. For more information go to www.yumbaits.com.

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