ICAST 2014: Sebile Pivot Frog

Fishing a frog can be tricky. Either the angler waits too long and the bass spits it or the hook set is too early, and the fish is missed entirely. The new Sebile® Pivot Frog™ is designed to decrease the likelihood of missed or lost fish.

Sebile Pivot FrogSebile’s Pivot Frog brings innovation to the hollow frog category. Fish it in open water or in the slop, working the bait while pausing intermittently.

With traditional two-hook systems, the hooks leave little room between the frog’s body and hook points, resulting in weak or missed hook sets. Sebile’s Pivot Frog features a soft body designed to collapse on the bite, and the Gravity Hook System. This single-hook system employs a 6/0 pivoting, weighted wide-gap hook to increase the gap between the body and the hook point for cleaner, more stable hook sets, optimizing snag-free frog fishing. Combined, the collapsing body and single Gravity Hook System increases hook-up ratios. The hook is also weighted to allow the frog to walk true through the water.

Weighing in at .5 ounces, the Sebile Pivot Frog has an MSRP of $6.95 and is available in September of 2014.

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