ICAST 2014: Matsuo IKARI

Matzuo America will be introducing some innovated NEW items at the upcoming ICAST 2014 Show in Orlando, FL

Matzuo IKARIFeeding off of its success of the Kinchou Minnow (named one of the Best New Lures) and Kinchou Shad, Matzuo will be launching the NEW IKARI………..(Japanese translation – ANGER )

The IKARI is a lipless sinking bait, that will be featured in 10 plus colors to cover a wide range of water conditions. A mega species bait, that will entice every fish around the world with its unique MEAN look and Signature Flared Gills. A slow sinking bait that will allow the angler to target their water column for more effective strikes. “It sinks with a tantalizing horizontal fall and engages into a tight head down wiggle upon retrieve moving water by its signature flared gills.

Its stainless steel bearings are loud…real loud, this will resonate a rattle sound that will be heard by all, both in and out of the water!
“We are super excited about the NEW IKARI and its many applications around the globe. We currently have it available in 2 sizes……a 2 ½ inch (6.4cm) 3/8 oz (10.6g) and a 3 inch (7.6cm) ½ oz. (14.2g).

As well, we are currently tooling with some additional versions to cover a broader spectrum of the market.”

Check out the NEW IKARI and the entire Matzuo line-up
ICAST Booth 2247 

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