ICAST 2012 – Early Release

ICAST 2012 is gearing up to be a strong shower thanks to all of the new products that will surely break our bank accounts. Some of our favorite companies will be announcing some products that we absolutely cannot wait to get our hands on.

Starting out with one of our closest friends, Jackall, during ICAST we can expect some big things to come from them. This year they have closed down production of the Mask series which saddens us and many Australians, but that makes room for so many new products to take the industry by storm. Jackall is talking about a few new lures, two of which really have my attention, one is a super-shallow jerkbait, and the other is the Grossy Shad, what I would call a “micro-swimbait”. OH! Let’s not forget the one that I am itching to throw, word on the street it is called the Boil Trigger 100. The Boil Trigger is a popper with a jointed body, sounds awesome right?

Then you have companies like Tightlines UV, another one of our good friends, they have already teased us with the Sow Belly Baby Bass swimbait. While that is cool I am looking forward to seeing what they haven’t showed us yet, like any other company they have things under their sleeves that may become absolute must-have product. There is some solid stuff in the works from Tightlines that I wish I could let out of the bag but that time will come.

Lucky Craft is looking to have a strong showing at ICAST with a couple solid products that are already being talked about on Facebook, the Blade Cross 90 is the most prominent one though, this bait is a hybrid jerkbait/spinnerbait that is sure to interest many anglers on just a curiosity standpoint alone.

Luck-E-Strike will be expanding their Rick Clunn line with a deep diving square-bill, this lure just plain looks odd but that is the kind of stuff that seems to work for me. I that isn’t your thing they will be expanding their line of jerkbaits with the RCSTX 2, this is said to be the shortest suspending jerkbait on the market while utilizing a weight transfer system, should be an interesting bait.

There is no doubt that ICAST is overflowing with new umbrella rigs, with the umbrella rig blowing up like it has it is no wonder than Orlando is over-ran with them. Over the next few days we will be bringing you information on new products and gear from the 2012 ICAST.

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