ICAST 2011 Overall Best of Show: NanoFil, Just Spool It!

Throughout the years Berkley has given us some of the most iconic products of the industry, and we believe they like it that way. Berkley keeps coming out with products that you just can’t live without; first it was Trilene and now it’s NanoFil.

For the longest time my father and I have been arguing about what is better on a spinning reel: I say braid, he says fluorocarbon. With the new NanoFil line we were both silenced. This new line doesn’t fall into pre-established category though; Berkley is calling it a uni-filiment line. This special line is designed specifically for spinning reels, which means this super smooth thin diameter line won’t play all too well with those baitcasters of yours.

The NanoFil line has some very special properties to it, for example; this line is made out of dyneema fibers, which pound for pound is stronger than steel, and that is no exaggeration. Berkley looked to take total advantage of this miracle fiber by treating it to a gel-spun polyethene process, much like superlines. The process is meant to molecularly link and shape hundreds of the bulletbroof dyneema fibers. After the process is completed the line comes out to be something that is more-or-less directly between braid and fluorocarbon. Anglers will rejoice with the high sensitivity and mono-like smoothness. While you may already be thinking “wow, that’s awesome” just wait. Berkley has this line available from 12lb all the way down to 1lb, which the same diameter to that of a human hair!

After dropping the lines into our test tank we found some rather interesting things out about each type of line with similar diameters.

The thickness of the line makes it into something that Berkley should be proud of in itself. The NanoFil line at its highest rating of 12lbs comes in with a diameter of 0.008″ while 6lb mono comes in at a diameter of 0.009″, that is some pretty small stuff to still be that strong. The smoothness and thinness of the line means that it begs for a special knot; a NanoFil knot, this knot is essentially a double palomar. Any angler can pick up this line, spool it up, and tie the dedicated knot with ease, a smart play on Berkley’s part.

Speaking of smart, 1/3 of all people in the United States own and use smartphones, Berkley saw that figure and decided to give those people something extra. When you get your spool of NanoFil you will see a “Peel Here” spot, you know what to do there, and after you peel it open you will see a strange picture that looks like random blocks. That picture is a QR code, grab your smartphone, download Microsoft’s Tag Reader and read the tag! After you do that your phone will take you to a website that will load you up with the information on the NanoFil line you could want!

During our time with this line we did notice that our casting distances improved drastically, not only that but we were able to swap out our 8lb fluorocarbon for this 10lb NanoFil and feel confident that it will hold those trophy bass and even some massive northerns. We would also like to point out that the NanoFil line was chosen to be ICAST 2011 Overall Best of Show product, congrats Berkley!

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