Humminbird’s Ice Offerings


We’ve been using Humminbirds for years on our boats so why wouldn’t we trust Humminbird with our hard water adventures?

Humminbird Ice 55Whether you’re in the market for a new flasher or just wanting to convert your 1158c we now have more options than ever before. The “cheaper” option is to pick up an XI-9-20 transducer ($95) which will make your standard Humminbird fish finder work correctly during the colder hard water months. Along with that however you’ll be needing to pick up a battery and charger ($60) plus some sort of case or shuttle ($50). After that you would be looking at around $200, for not much more than that though you can get a dedicated flasher.

Starting at $299.99 you can pick up with Ice 35. This unit is a 3-color fiber optic display that offers 2 ½” of target separation while being a good-to-go unit to get you started. The setup up from there is at the $399.99 price point that comes in with digital depth readout, and an automatic depth scale to get rid of all guesswork in the depth scale. Lastly, the Ice 55 which is a 6-color unit made possible by the best-in-industry fiber optic display. The digital depth, dynamic zoom, and carrying case offers one of the best deals at $499.99.

597ci HD IceIf you’re interested in a pure digital unit Humminbird is also offering the 386ci and the 597ci HD Combo units. The 386ci Combo comes in at $449.99 offering the standard SwitchFire, DualBeam PLUS, and built in mapping. If you’re like me you’ve got a Lakemaster chip so you’ll now be able to get a full year’s use out of it. If the 3.5” screen of the 386ci doesn’t do it for you the 5” screen on the 597ci HD should! Offering more pixels and a higher quality image means it gives you the best opportunity available.

No matter what way you go Humminbird has options available to you at every budget. If you have any questions about the units or how to use them please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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