How to Pick a Fishing Rod for Beginners

Selecting a rod can be a daunting task for new anglers, selecting the right rod for what you want to do can make or break your love of the fishing game. After long days of fishing with the right and wrong rods we’ve discovered a simple and quick way to look at rod selection.

Rod selection can mean the difference between catching and missing

Most new anglers primarily target panfish species like bluegill, perch, and crappie; fishermen looking to target these species are usually fishing a bobber, weight, and live bait which leaves rod selection to a short list. These lure combinations are usually light which means using a rod like an Ultra-Light or a Light. Inside this class of rod I’ll usually reach for something like the Bass Pro Shops Micro Lite Glass Spinning Rod in the two piece 6’ 6” length. This rod is bright yellow giving the new angler the ability to easily see any nibble on the other end of the line.

If panfish isn’t your cup of tea, then looking toward something along the lines of a 6’ 6” Medium to a 7’ Medium rod is likely the way to go. Bass, walleye, and other medium sized game fish usually prey on lures that weigh 1/8oz or 3/4oz. These heavier lures means anglers need a slightly stiffer rod to throw and control them. While the Berkley Lighting Rod Shock Series Spinning Rod is slightly expensive for the beginner, it offers a quality that is only matched by premium rods at double or triple the price.

Larger game fish like northern pike require a little more back bone to horse these fish in. Going this route usually means reaching for the Bass Pro Shops Power Plus Trophy Spinning Rod in a 7’ 6” Medium Heavy configuration. This setup will allow you to wing out lures from 1/2oz up to 1 1/2oz with ease while filling the guides with heavy 20lb monofilament.

Rod selection doesn’t have to be a task just for pros, using this simple overview and suggestions anybody can walk into a sporting goods store and leave with the right rod for the job. As you advanced through the fishing ranks you’ll become more accustomed to what suits you and your style. If you’re like us you’ll end up with 30 rods on deck and specialized combos in no time!


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