How To Mount Your Transducer On Your Transom

Mounting a new transducer to your transom can be a daunting task, I mean who wants to make a mistake putting holes in their transom!? Well, that’s what we are here for!

Step 1:

Mock Up

In our Humminbird manual it says to keep the transducer 15″ away from the centerline of the boat and it must remain under the waterline, for boats like ours this is a difficult task thanks to the platform on the back of the boat. We mounted our as close as we could to the mounting bracket for the platform. Once you have found your desired location make a note of it either by taping around it or using a marker to mark the location.

Step 2:

The First Leap – Drilling Hole One

Once you have marked your hole it is time to drill it out, use a drill bit that is SMALLER than your screws, this will drastically reduce the chance of the fiberglass cracking, which may result in transom failure. Personally I prefer to only drill 50% of the depth of the transom to ensure the screws get a solid grip.

Step 3:


Now that you have your initial hole you can then put the bracket up using a screw driver to ensure you don’t over tighten it. Then use that to level the bracket before drilling the second hole. From there just mount the transducer puck.

Step 4:


You are going to want to run the wire through your access hole in the rear of the boat, this is usually the best option because there is extra space and it hides the vast majority of the wiring. Once you have that done it is a matter of running the wire through the hull to the desired location. Since we are mounting this on our 18′ fish-and-ski we decided to mount the fish finder on the bow so that we can see it from the driver seat and from the front deck easily. The kit usually comes with a wiring bracket, this bracket easily fits with many screws on the transom, we mounted ours on the black plastic piece that covers the transom. Once you have ran it to the desired location you can then use that wiring bracket to secure it.

Step 5:

The Final Leap – Drilling Hole Two

This is where things can really make you cringe; you need to drill a large enough hole into your floor so that you can get the connector through. Once you do that then all you need to do is plug it into your fish finder and off to the lake you go!

As a final note there is one thing that many of these new transom mount fish finders are doing. Many of them are throwing a rooster tail, this caused one of our trim switches to go bad resulting in the motor trimming up randomly, if this happens at 60mph you have an issue. If you know the old cartoons then I’m sure you know the saying “I’ll sell you this blue button to get you down.” The electronics companies will sell you a plastic or rubber “blob” to stuff in the hole, I did this for free by wrapping the gap with electrical tape, it has lasted for roughly 20 trips so far with no sign of wear!

Good luck on the water!

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