How-To: Hitching With Hitch Series Trailer Keepers

During the 2011 season we had the privilege to use some great products. Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment that we had was the Hitch Series Trailer Keeper. The Hitches allow the angler to get more casts in per trip which mean more fish. Check em out by clicking the image below!

Hitch Series Trailer Keeper

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  1. I am a fan but not a super fan of Hitch Series. Sometimes I only get 1 fish out them but I would say most times it lasts at least 3 and maybe up to 10 or more fish.

  2. They can be hit or miss for some people, as with most products. I didn’t break or bend any last season but being up here in Michigan we don’t get many 6lbers!

  3. That’s A great idea! But, it looks like A bent paperclip! Why pay $3 A pop when I can buy A whole box of paperclips for the same price?
    I’m just sayin,

    • In all honesty I thought the same thing when I first saw them. They are actually 2.99 for a 5pk for spring steel hitches. I tried to use a paperclip but they end up snapping after a few fish, I’ve had these last 30 fish before switching ’em out. Send over an email and I’ll send a discount code your way if you want to try ’em out!

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