How to Fish a Drop Shot

Whether shallow or deep it seems like the drop shot is the technique to beat. Presenting a bait inches away from a bass’ mouth is just too much temptation for any fish to resist.

Drop ShotThe drop shot began as a deep water technique to get finicky bass that are schooling just off the bottom. Commonly misconstrued as a vertical jigging platform the drop shot offers a world of possibilities that are yet to be explored. Perhaps the best attribute of this new-age technique is its ability to be used in virtually every situation. The hook is contextual as is the weight which gives the angler the ultimate choice.

Your standard drop shot is rigged up with a size 1 VMC Sure Set drop shot hook tied with a palomar knot, this palomar knot should have a 12-18” tag end that passes through the eye of the hook while the point is facing upwards with a 1/4oz-3/8oz weight slipped over the end. Essentially putting your 3” minnow just inches away from being eaten at all times.

Since I’ve learned this technique I’ve had several anglers in my boat that absolutely needed to catch fish on some of the clearest water in the state of Michigan and succeed we did. Primarily fishing in 8-20 feet of water the key to power fishing a drop shot is casting the “dark spots.” These can literally be dark spots you physically see under the water or just pieces of structure and cover you can identify to cast toward.

If you’re looking to up your success with drop shotting I’d suggest going to 6-8lb Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon XL, a nice 7’ medium drop shot rod like that from Denali’s Lithium line, especially when paired with a Pflueger Supreme in the 35 size. The goal when fishing a drop shot is to keep your line with either a slight bow to look for a jump in the line or keep the line tight without moving the bait at all. The combos we use work flawless for these sometimes soft biting techniques.

When it comes to bait selection my go-to is the Berkley Gulp 3” Floating Minnow in a smelt pattern, but if I’m short on those the 3” Berkley Powerbait Drop Shot Minnows do wonders. If you’re looking to run with the crowd you can pick up some Roboworms in Morning Dawn or check out the new Yum Kill Shot for something a little different.

If you’re ever on the water and doubting the fish can be caught, give the drop shot a try, I bet you could land the fish of a lifetime.

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