How to Find Fish Fast with Lakemaster Contour Elite

Digital mapping is getting closer and closer to its peak thanks to the great crews over at Lakemaster and Strategic Fishing Systems. The software designed by these great companies is known as the Contour Elite system which I have quickly fallen in love with.  In this installment we will be going over the most sought-after feature, the fish search.

The fish search allows you to input the species, time of year, time of day, and conditions, the Contour Elite will then spit out the areas that are most likely to hold fish, and the amazing thing is that it is rather accurate. We’ll be focusing on Gun Lake since that is the lake that I know best in the software.

Once you input your information you can then zoom in to the spots you’d like to focus on, from there you can make a waypoint that you can then transfer to your SD Card and ultimately to your favorite GPS fish finder. If having the bigger picture is more important with a simple click you can hit print and laminate the map for a cheat sheet on the water. Combining these along with the 3D images to get your bearings can and will make you a better, more efficient angler on and off the water.


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