Horton Crossbows To Be Relaunched in 2015


During the 2013 season Horton Archery was purchased by Ohio rival TenPoint Crossbows. The downside is it seems TenPoint will not be servicing the older Hortons though we do have a small glimmer of home on the horizon.

TenPoint has snuck in a new graphic onto the old Horton website, this graphic reads “The Legend is REBORN – 1.8.15 – REVERSE YOUR PERCEPTION.” This tells me a few things, the bow they will likely launch with will be the flagship Legend series, it also lets us know that reverse limb bows haven’t gone away and will be rising again.

TenPoint is known for their quality and customer service so we can only hope that their reputation trickles into the Horton Crossbow Innovation lineup.

We’ll keep you tuned as more gets released!

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