Hitting the Peak with the PK Lures Ridgeline

The old saying “dare to be different” seems to come to mind when looking at the PK Ridgeline crankbait. Pat O’Grady spoke very frankly about his designs and his vision, this kind of candidness leads to interesting and innovative designs.

Now, I’m not talking a slightly different sound or a different color pattern though, yes those are present however. The thing about the Ridgeline is that the body is so radically different from the standard design it truly makes you do a double-take.

Upon opening the package I noticed a small chip in the bill; it took me a fair bit of time until I realized the chip is supposed to be there and actually provides some beneficial characteristics versus the standard bill. The slight cup in the lip of the bill allows the bill to throw the body of the lure in a more erratic side-to-side manner than the traditional crankbait. The body also comes in handy in this aspect, it’s hard to tell from the pictures but the body is shaped like a “+” which gives a slender profile from the rear and a wide profile from the sides.

I did have a few good days on the Ridgeline, including a first trip to a new lake. I do have a word of caution for other bass anglers though. Everybody knows that we tend to set the hook like we want to pull in a 1940s pick-up truck from the bottom of the lake, that kind of hook set WILL bend the super-sharp and thin hooks out. If you can learn to gently sweep your rod the hooks with set themselves with almost no effort, it really is something interesting to do and see.

The Ridgeline comes in five brilliant colors though my shining star was the Firetiger. The bait is also available in five sizes from 2″ up to 6″. Be sure to get yours from FishHound.com!

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