He’s All The Rage: Steve Parks

Steve Parks, the man who designed the now famous Rage Tail Soft Plastics. Once a guide on Lake Fork, he now designs the must have lure series. One of the Rage Tail baits was born in order to offer the clients a more rich experience out on Lake Fork by allowing them to avoid snagging up on grass and other hazards while fishing over the thickest grass and weeds. We had the chance to ask Steve some questions, pull a chair up and check out what THE innovator has to say.

Did you have any attempts at making baits before the Rage Tail, if so what were they?

Thanks for the opportunity to talk shop and hope you and your readers enjoy our discussion… Many times I altered a variety of Large Worms and also created several jumbo sized Creature baits, all to add or improve the natural action results.

• Was lure designing a goal of yours or did it happen out of necessity?

I would have to say a little of both. Like each of us, I tried new baits styles and designs with hopes that the action results would be different and possibly enhanced compared to others. If the action was less than expected, I would think about what small changes might improve them. I look for the small details that make things as they are, and then ask myself “What If”.

• How did companies come to discover your baits?

A close friend of mine, Randy Dearman (SK Pro) and I fished many times together. He convinced me to let Strike King see some of my designs and the rest is FUTURE.

• Did any companies other than Strike King approach you, if so why did you decide to go with Strike King?

I’ve only discussed bait design and concepts with Strike King because they are top notch folks and a great organization… We’re now like Family.

We all know that you are the man to go to when soft plastics are needed, but do you have any plans for anything other than the Rage Tail products?

I have many products on the drawing board as we speak and always take the time to discuss with our Pros, any and all of their comments to make sure that the baits meet all of the most stringent requirements.

Can you tell us the advantages of using the Rage Tail products over say, a buzzbait.

The Rage Shad is the loudest and most aggressive soft plastic on the market and it’s only approximately 3″ in length. It can be fished over any and all grass or surface slop without missing a beat and the bait has total body and tail movement providing a slashing motion. The noise and water movement rivals any hard wire buzzbait as well. Taking one step down from the Rage Shad’s noise and splash is the Rage Toad and it can also be fished over all types of of vegetation yet it’s louder and moves more water than any other Buzz Toads to call the fish up from the depths. The last of our topwater designs is the Eeliminator which has unbelievable side to side swimming action at slow speeds and with a quicker retrieve, creates a nice slashing sound across the surface that is another step down, yet from the Rage Toad’s noise. With these three designs, the topwater action is thoroughly covered. I know that there are many fishermen that use some of our other baits for top action but I am most confident in the three above mentioned.

If you were forced to fish a hard bait, what would you choose?

Series 6XD… but only if I can adjust it with a certain change.

What was the first bait you bought?

Bayou Boogie, Super Sonic, Hula Popper and segmented big worms (Brand ?)

• If you could ask any person/company a question in the industry, who would it be and what would you ask them?

The first soft plastic designer… What gave you the idea to go there!

• If you could choose anybody to spend a day out on the lake with, who would it be and why?

My Father who has passed… to let him catch bass with me on baits that we use to dream about.

• Is there anything about you that you feel needs to be said?

I haven’t fished cranks, spinnerbaits and/or swimbaits for many years but I will soon… when I’m finished re-designing them.

Any advice you would give to somebody that wants to design lures?

Anyone can copy… but dare to be different, then test-Test-TEST.

• How many tries did it take before the first Rage Tail came out to be what you wanted?

There were 24 Rage Shad Prototypes, 19 Rage Toads protos, 16 Craws, etc… The design that went the quickest was the Rage Chunk as it was a smaller version of the Craw with only 3 changes.

Does it surprise you that you have so many friends and fans on social media websites?

If it wasn’t for my friends and family, I never would have fished. Since Fishing is a very friendly and social type of sport or past time, I believe friends are all part of the Great Reward of FISHING…

We would like to thank Steve Parks for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions. Sounds to us like he has some rather interesting ideas for some hardbaits, only time will tell though if we see some Steve Parks cranks.

Don’t forget to check out all of the RageTail products by clicking the image below.

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  1. Mr. Parks has the best baits going now, and in the future I will fish all RT baits exclusively, even though I am a weekend angler. I have met ( BigO ), and was trated like family from hello. I have never seen or met a person with more passion for wht he is doing. All I can say is thanks Steve. Just meeting you has cahnged the way I look at things in fishing and life’

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