Heddon Chug’n Spook Review

The Zara Spook has to be the most iconic and recognizable lure ever made, giving us not only a lure but a whole new type of presentation never before possible. For many years the Spook seemed like the perfect lure, the yardstick on which all others are judged. Leave it to Heddon to make the perfect lure even better and they have with the new Chug’n Spook.

My opinion of the Chug’n Spook has been heavily influenced by the fact that in the first few casts with the lure I caught the biggest bass that I have caught in a few years and followed that up with a twenty-one pound sack of five in just an hour. On this particular day neither the bass nor the pike could resist the splashing zigzag rattle of this new Spook. In Michigan a seven pound bass is pretty rare and that is just what I boated on the third cast. It didn’t take me long to be sold on how effective this lure was going to be. Big fish were not the only fish interested in the lure that day we caught fish from 25 inches right down to 13 inches.

The main difference between the Chug’n Spook and the old standby is the big divot in the chin of the bait that makes it splash and pop without giving up anything as far as the action of the lure is concerned. This lure is built to get notice it has it all. Super loud rattles make sure any nearby fish will take notice of this big noisy offering.

This would be a great lure to try even if you never tried to walk the dog before as it is very easy to get the Chug’n Spook to dance in very wide sweeps. While zigzagging back and forth sometimes the fish don’t get the lure in the mouth just right but the hooks on this Spook are among the best for hooking fish that swat at the lure. The Tx3 rotating trebles are my favorite for their sticky nature making for a much better hook up ratio.

With all of that being said, in summary the Chug’n Spook offers the same monster bass potential as the Super Spook but with the added bonus of a big ol’ bubble when walking the bait which means it is another weapon in your arsenal to use against those topwater loving bass.

With fall topwater season upon us make sure to get one of these anyway you can. Fishhound has some left for you to try, and be sure to tell us all about your monster catches. I hope you all have as much fun with this one as I did.

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