Gull Lake Lake Report 6/3/2013 – Kalamazoo, Michigan

What a fantastic week for all the anglers that fished Gull Lake in Kalamazoo county, and there were a lot of them. With tournaments every day, Gull proved to be the best lake in the area with consistently producing big bags of fish. We had a great time on the clear waters of Gull this week starting on Tuesday evening while sharing the water with the bass club known as BAM.

10354245_766907816687683_5211315657197520070_nJust a couple of casts with a spinnerbait at the edge of the emerging reeds and we had a couple of 15 inch fish landed. As we worked into the stump field we caught a 3 plus smallie on the Terminator T1  and then started to just look around and saw smallmouth over 3 pounds everywhere. As we left the area we cast Sebile Lipless Seekers in the 5 to 6 foot zone and landed a couple more 2.5 to 3 pound smallmouth. There were biters everywhere in shallow water so we went to deeper water to see if we could find some bigger fish.

It only took a few casts to the weeds in 8 to 10 feet of water to hook up with a 4 pound largemouth that showed us the dropshot was working also. The deeper bite was considerably slower but all the bass we caught deep were huge. When I say deep 10 feet is still very shallow for this lake this time of year, last year at this time we were all fishing 20 feet deep by now. After catching a smallmouth and a largemouth near 5 pounds apiece we decided to watch the weigh-in to see how the others did.

The weigh-in for the BAM club was pretty awesome with over 19 pounds to win a 3 hour tournament, which is impressive just about anywhere. Tuesday was the end of the “peak “of easy fishing on Gull but with a little knowledge or luck there are many big bags of bass yet to be weighed in there this year.

Saturday morning saw the Kal-Valley Bass Club occupying the lake for another good showing from this fantastic fishery. With over 100 boat trailers in the parking lot and countless locals fishing most boats still weighed in good bags. This is my first year with Kal-Valley Bass Club and I am very impressed with the camaraderie of this group of anglers. An hour and a half after check-in most of the fifty members were still at the park sharing stories and info. This kind of fishing brotherhood is hard to come by in tournament IMG_20140531_131139fishing today. Much of this can be attributed to their dedicated tournament director Kevin Wilder who has taken the club from just a few members to the full field of 50 members that it enjoys today.

Saturday saw more dropshotting and a slight topwater bite. The bites were extremely light which meant putting our Denali Rosewoods through their paces. Drop shotting Berkley Gulp! Alive minnows and crawlers seemed to put us on the board, landing us a box full of largemouth in the span of 30 minutes in less than 10 feet of water.

The great fishing on Gull Lake is not over yet soon it will be time for some of the great offshore fishing the lake is most famous for. See ya on the humps and deep ledges in a couple of weeks for our next shot at Gull Lakes golden smallmouth bass.


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