Grundens USA Unveils Charcoal Fiber Axmar T-Shirt

Grundéns USA has introduced the new-for-2014 Axmar T-Shirt – a high-performance garment specially designed for hard-working fishermen and others who want to remain cool, comfortable and sweet-smelling – even while working hard on deck.

2145397This new shirt is tailored from a unique fabric blending polyester, bamboo charcoal fibers and Elastan. Bamboo charcoal fiber is created through a special process of heating bamboo to 800 degrees, then processing the resulting charcoal and blending it into fabrics. Bamboo charcoal fibers offer a wide range of benefits, especially when used in a garment designed for wear during hot, strenuous activities.

Bamboo charcoal is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, providing superior odor control without the need for harsh chemical additives. It is also highly absorbent and wicks moisture away from the body four times faster than cotton. Additionally, bamboo charcoal fabric is more breathable and regulates temperature better than cotton, hemp, wool or synthetic fabrics. The smooth, round structure of the fibers creates a garment that is soft and non-irritating, even to those with sensitive skin. As a result, the wearer is kept consistently dry, cool and comfortable, whether working hard on deck or poling a skiff across the flats on a hot, humid, summer afternoon. The Axmar T-Shirt also provides excellent protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays – especially important in the highly reflective on-water environment.

The unique properties of this fabric also make the Grundéns Axmar T-Shirt attractive and easy to care for. It is machine washable and dryable, naturally wrinkle resistant and has a sheen and softness like silk, yet is far more affordable and durable.

Grundéns offers the new Axmar T-Shirt in Orange and Black, in sizes ranging from S to 3XL, covering a wide range of fishermen, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts. MSRP for this comfortable and durable T-Shirt is $39.95.

To learn more about the new Axmar T-Shirt, see your authorized Grundéns USA dealer or contact Grundéns USA at (800) 323-7327. Website: – See more at:

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