Going Wild with the E21 Wild Black Carrot Stix

It seems as though every time I meet someone and they find out we do tackle reviews the first question that they have on their mind is “what is the deal with the E21 Wild Black Carrot Stix rods?”. Well I finally got my hands on one about a month ago and wanted to give it a good long testing before I gave my opinion on the product. I decided not to do this review until I had caught 250 fish on it using many different baits. Here’s how the testing turned out.

To be totally honest, yes there were some problems with the first run of these rods but to be fair E21 did everything possible to take care of the customers that had issues. Their warranty policies are very solid. While doing research I found over fifty percent of the negative online comments were made by people who never even had any personal experience with the product. My review will be based solely on my personal experience with the product including 7 tournaments and 10 practice days.

The rod I’ve been using is a 7 foot medium heavy casting rod, the workhorse rod for all my bass and pike fishing. On first inspection the balance of the rod is exceptional and the eyelets lined up perfectly. The wrapping is precise and the handle is comfortable. We outfitted the rod with a BPS Pro Qualifier reel and fluorocarbon line to make it useful for any subsurface technique. Then we got to the fun part of the testing, the fishing.

The first technique I tried was casting and ripping a PK spoon in deep water, the casting distance was impressive to say the least. There is no substitute for casting distance in a clear water environment. I had barely got a chance to get a feel for the spoon on the rod and large bass and northern pike started testing the strength of the Wild Black rod. With several bass up to three pounds and even a pike at 35 inches the rod handled the fish and my monster hook sets with ease. After just one day of fishing with the E21 Wild Black I had made up my mind it would be in my hands on my next tournament day.

The second technique I used the Wild Black for is one that is known to be torture for rods, ripping heavy rattle baits through weeds. The control of the rod was exceptional while maintaining a great feel for the bait. In my opinion this Wild Black Carrot Stix rod is among the best of them for this popular type of fishing. Even with smaller rattle baits the feedback into the rod gave me confidence that I would feel every strike. From square bills to deep divers this rods sensitivity was noticed and appreciated.

There is another intrinsic aspect of a micro guide rod that should be noted, accuracy! With less line slap and smaller oscillations comes a smoother and more accurate cast. That is why I wasn’t going to be done with my testing until I threw some worms and jigs around heavy cover. After just a few casts I knew I had needed a rod like this for my worm fishing for quite some time. Accuracy around cover will absolutely help you catch more fish.

Don’t let the $129 price tag fool you, this is a professional tournament quality rod with no compromises. Nano fiber and micro guide technologies are no longer the future of fishing, the Wild Black Carrot Stix rods makes them available to everyone.

Get yours at FishHound.com for just the cost of shipping! Don’t forget to use the promo code “Bad Poncho”!

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