Going to Spin Class with BPO Staffer Jason Cossey

When it comes to a universal technique there seems to be one presentation that rules the waters, the spinnerbait. With the assortment that anglers have today it’s no wonder that decisions through the months of fall are hard ones, from the newest innovations like the Assassinator Clacker or the classic Mann’s Hank Parker spinnerbait. So how do we begin on this versatile bait like this? What blades, size, skirt color for the water clarity depth, and structure? I would like to touch on this for a minute to maybe help you in your next fishing adventure!

As a guide and tournament fisherman I have a lot of confidence in this bait and will throw it in all water conditions and seasons! Let’s begin with early spring say March 1st. I choose a bait that I can fish to 30 feet deep easy, starting with a big 1oz bait and let it fall to the bottom. I will usually start with a more natural white with double willow leaf blades, usually a nickel main with a slightly smaller gold willow as a kicker. I use this setup as my starter because it allows for the highest versatility throughout the water column.

We will start out on bluffs and flat, this is not one of my favorite ways to fish but is very effective in the cold water months letting that big bait flutter and sink while keeping contact with it is an art form, I will warn you that it takes some learning but when you find them using this technique it is a great way to catch big fish in the early spring! Next place you should find them is on main lake points, these points can be the best for quickly locating fish, I have found the most likely locations are close to a channel swing with deep water in easy access for the bass to go to. I have found that they will stage on a point either suspended or on deep structure.  Using the same double willow blades because of the lift the two large blades can give you control weather you bounce it off the bottom or fish it in the column where the bass are suspended!

Next we will move into April, which is a great month for a blade because the pre-spawn fish will attack the bladed bait like it owes them money! I personally like a 3/8oz to a 1/4oz for this time of the year, usually I will stick to a silver, gold, or copper willow leaf with a smaller Colorado blade as a kicker. This is where you can really get creative; sizes, colors, ect can all be tweaked depending on conditions. I will fish this bait slow rolled all the way up to the surface! The strikes are awesome and the muddier the water the brighter and funkier you go! I will in muddy water also go with a Colorado blade as a main blade for that thumping vibration and the added flash! When you get bit on this blade you will know!

Next we will touch a bit on summer which is usually an early and late bite on a daytime spinnerbait. But there is an exception to this rule NIGHTTIME, oh boy one of my favorite times to fish a bladed warrior! I go with a single large Colorado for the thump and vibration that brings big bass to my boat! A black skirt as a rule but it can have variations; some reds, purples or even a few strips of chartreuse will work! The key to this is slow down and bounce this bait off of everything you can hit with it! This will put more nighttime bass in your boat I will almost promise!

Next we have the fall, my personal favorite time to fish, when the leaves start turning and the water starts cooling down, It gives me chills thinking about how many bass I have caught turning blades in the fall! I choose lighter baits during this time like usually a 1/4oz bait with a smaller profile, but sometimes burned just under the surface is the way to go for ferocious strikes and heart pounding action! I like more shad colors in the fall but a straight white will do, as normal! This is at the point and time when fish are moving up from their summer haunts to feed up for winter and the bite is on! The bass move from deeper main lake points to pockets following shad which move to the back of creek channels.

So in prospective a spinnerbait is a great tool in the arsenal of the bass angler! Don’t be afraid to be different and resourceful with blade colors, sizes, or skirts. I hope these little tips will help you catch a few more fish and get you to throw a spinnerbait a little more! It is a fun addictive way to fish and I have had great success on them and I hope you do too! Thanks for reading and hope all the success over the next year!

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