Giants of the Industry: PSE Archery

In 1970 a man by the name of Pete Shepley took upon the American dream and began developing a product that was all his own. During the early years Pete spent his time on break at the Magnavox Corporation to work on the most advanced compound bow to date. Despite friends harping on him about his “silly” idea Pete kept at it and came up with his first compound bow design.

After hours upon hours of engineering Pete decided his design was ready to take on the giants. The first PSE bow was introduced at an Indiana archery tournament; it was there that he proved his design to the world of archery. Within only a period of month Pete amassed nearly 1,000 orders, all by word-of-mouth.

Pete had to act and he did so by using a 700-square foot building in Illinois, he also got PSE to obtain the licensing under the Allen Patent for compound bows. A total of five companies originally had this licensing, out of these five PSE-Archery is the only one that is still producing compound bows.

As time marched on so did business, by the early 1980s PSE needed to expand, they did so by moving their employees and resources down to sunny Tucson, Arizona. This move provided many benefits, the main one being smoother production. Having the ability to have that streamline production helped to allow PSE to lead the way to the four stage forging process that is used to make strong and light bow risers.

PSE currently holds around 20 patents in the field of archery, Pete firmly believes in growing the industry and not just himself because, well, what is good for the archer is good for the community. All of this is now made easier by the utilization of the 23,000-square foot office space and the 120,000-square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space.

Not only does PSE have excellent facilities, they have some of the most elite archers inside its pro-staff ranks; these archers include people like Drury Outdoors, Spook Spann, and Hank Parker. While hunting is a large part of the archery business it wouldn’t be the same without the competition shooters, and PSE has some of the best competition archers in the world. The beautiful thing about PSE is that it isn’t full of suits; it is full of archers and hunters, for example, Blake Shelby the marketing director bagged a massive 210lb Alligator gar that was just shy of the world record but he shattered the old LA state record by 45lbs.

We would like to take this time to thank PSE for accepting us as a part of their Field-Staff; we hope we can do our part to help out this amazing All-American organization.

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  1. you straight up copy wrote all of that from the PSE website

    • More-or-less, yup! This serves as another venue to view the history of the PSE-Archery company. Count this as a paraphrase article, not an original if you do-so desire.

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