Giants of the Industry: Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak’s history is full of rich stories that make even the most hardcore hunter stop and listen. The idea was just something that a child dreamed up back in the day and has continued on to be something that anybody would be proud to have a part in.

The company was founded by a man by the name of Toxey Haas. Toxey was born in West Point, Mississippi back in 1960. During his younger years he did as many children do; wish to have the power to become invisible. After Toxey graduated from Mississippi State University he continually pursued that childhood dream to become invisible. At the age of 25 Toxey did just that, all by producing the Bottomland pattern.

With guys like Greg Miller on their prostaff it's hard for Mossy Oak to go wrong.

With that first pattern the entire hunting industry took notice. The first product line that Haas Outdoors produced was a true representation of what was possible not only in the hunting industry, but also the apparel industry. It wasn’t long before Toxey hit the drawing board again to produce a camouflage that utilizes the most natural effect in nature, shadows. This shadow camouflage became known as the industry standard that is Mossy Oak Break-Up. Not only did the pattern itself revolutionize camouflage, it also was the first digitized camouflage. Fast forward to 2002 and the New Break-Up produces yet another first for Mossy Oak, ghost shadows. The shadows this time around offer a true 3D look to the camouflage. Moving to 2004 and we see Mossy Oak Obsession; this camo uses elements that have been perfected in the New Break-Up pattern. The Obsession pattern was built on a foundation of lighter colors in the background which allows for more versatile blending.

Moving forward to 2005 and we see Mossy Oak attempt yet another revolutionary process. This time around Mossy Oak brought us a pattern for hunters with nothing to conceal them. Brush is the ultimate pattern for hunters who want to hide right in plain sight. With the 20th anniversary in 2006 Mossy Oak hit the industry in a way they have yet to do up until this point. They met 2007 with an all new camo, this time for duck hunters; this new camo was dubbed “Duck Blind.”

The latest camouflage to come out of Mossy Oak’s labs was Treestand. This pattern is possibly one of the most important patterns to hit the woods because it is specially made for hunters that spend most of their time up in the trees waiting for a trophy animal to walk on by. The raw yardage of this pattern outdoes every other Mossy Oak pattern to date, something to truly be proud of. When 2010 hit Mossy Oak built on the success of the Break Up pattern by producing the legendary Break-Up Infinity. The Infinity pattern features six layers of depth, allowing the camouflage to look as though it is truly a part of the woods.

Not only does Mossy Oak bring us revolutionary camouflage but they also give hunters everything we need to live the outdoor lifestyle. Back in 2009 Haas Outdoors launched MOOSE media to better serve the hunting community by bringing it the information it needs to thrive while using the Mossy Oak products. Mossy Oak also brings partners to the table like nobody else, not to mention the companies that are licensing the Mossy Oak products.

Without a doubt Mossy Oak is here to stay and will be continually being put into the spot light. With a guy in charge like Toxey Haas hunters can keep looking forward to the future.

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  1. hi i just was wondering as to what year did mossy oak come out with thier camo patterns and all from what im gathering it sounds like it was back in 1988 is that true or not ?

  2. I believe it was 1986 when Mossy Oak started on their camo pattern production.

  3. When did Mossy Oak Advantage come available? I didn’t see it mentioned in the article….

    • I believe Advantage is a separate company. I can’t say I’ve heard of Mossy Oak offering an Advantage line of camouflage.

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