Getting Surgical with the Trokar Flippin’ Hook

When it comes flippin’ there are a couple major things you are going to need, stout line and a stout hook. The Trokar Flippin’ (TK130) hook is just that, stout.

The Trokar hooks use a cold-forged, high carbon steel to achieve a higher tensile strength than the average hook on the market. Tensile strength is the resistance to a material tearing when a force is applied, like a hook bending out and breaking. The process of cold-forging allows the high carbon content to give enough flex to the hook to bend but enough rigidity to not break as easily as other hooks. Cold forging has been used for a while now in weapon systems to ensure of durability under stress, that coupled with the surgically sharpened hook point allow for one of the best hooks on the market to be at your disposal. Trokar includes the B.A.R.B. that consists of a co-polymer to hold your baits in place, when your rubber runs as much as $2.00 per bait you will be glad that B.A.R.B. works the way it does, I even had success with it skipping docks with flipping tubes.

Having a strong hook is great but if you can’t hook the fish and get it back to the boat then it is all for nothing, right? This hook comes with the now famous Trokar surgically sharped point that allows the angler to exert 40grams less energy than the next best hook. Once you hook that winning bass though you need to get it in the livewell, the low-profile barb is designed to pierce easily and hold on like nobody’s business. I hooked plenty of fish with the Flippin’ hook under docks directly through the roof of the mouth and it was near impossible to get the hook back out, after only 3 fish I had more confidence in the Trokar hooks than my run-of-the-mill hooks which tells me it is a product worth having.

Though the price of the Trokars can be a little steep in your local tackle shop you can pick them up for only $3.00 over at

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