Gear Grabber by Magnetic Marine Review Revisited

This is not the first time we have written about the Gear Grabber product line but this is one of those daily use items that we don’t know how we would ever live without. We have had the full line of Gear Grabber products in our boat for the last three months and WOW what a difference they have made in the way we store tackle. It seems as though every time we get out on the water we find another use or another place we want to mount one of these nifty little magnetic trays.

Gear GrabbarAll of the hard baits that we use every day I like to store under the storage lid right under my feet at the front of the boat. For this we are using the lure hanger kit which included a galvanized plate making the configuration of your holders changeable or removable depending on your current needs. This system holds 20 crankbaits securely at your fingertips. For the lures we will be using that day I have two of the small racks under my front seat, no mounting is necessary as most of the seat plates are galvanized. The magnets hold the hooks out of the way instead of dangling around as they would with most other racks.

Messing around with tangled hooks can waste a lot of time and is dangerous when you’re in a hurry, these magnets are strong enough to pull the hooks to them and hold them firm. Safety and convenience combined with speedy acquisition of lures makes this Gear Grabber System something that should be in every boat.

When things start to get messy around the boat the original Gear Grabber mounted on our dash is a quick way to stash the lures you’ve scattered about the boat. The lipless tray is a perfect place to put the hooks that you might use for the day or ones you take off so they are not getting in your carpet or your feet. There is also a spot to put your pliers or clippers or whatever other tools you want handy. We used the magnetic mounting provided so we can move it if we have kids in the boat and it holds just fine. Before we had the Gear Grabbers both dashboards were covered with tangled lures and stray hooks now it’s all in one spot and never tangles. With nine spots to hang lures plus a tray they can eliminate a lot of mess.

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