Gear Grabbar Review

Tackle storage is one of those things that you can never really figure out, I don’t say that in a “NOTHING IS GOOD ENOUGH” manner, I mean it as “I need that crankbait now!” kind of manner. If you are like the thousands of other anglers that annually test their hooks by stepping on them then I know this product will be right up your alley.

The Gear Grabbar is one of those units that can be used on any boat thanks to the magnetic back that keeps them on without destroying your precious gel-coat.

The Gear Grabbar is being utilized on the boat of a few pros like the 2012 BASS Elite Series AOY Brent Chapman, man that is a mouthful. With guys like that using the product there is no doubt in my mind it merits the $23.95 price tag for the original series. It is also important to note that guys like Brent also have companies to hook them up with tackle management systems but the Gear Grabbar offers something unique, something helpful, and something truly universal.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a degree in diamagnetism and that may surprise you, but I can tell you this, the base magnets are strong! The standard Gear Grabbar has spots for 9 lures to hang down, the magnets are also strong enough that the top of the shelf can be used to hold hooks, jig heads, and a variety of other miscellaneous stuff you may have laying around your boat or kayak. The original also offers a spot to throw your hemostats or pliers so you can always find them with ease.

For kayaks I would say the “mini” is a great way to go, it offers up 4 magnets to hang lures on and is only $14.95 which is a solid price for something you didn’t know you really needed. If kayaking isn’t your thing they also offer a Lure Hanger Tackle Management System which is available in a kit that comes in at $69.95. This kit includes a 12×6.5-inch piece of galvanized metal mounting plate and four pairs of Lure Hangers which means it is an excellent way to store lures under a compartment lid.

At the 2012 ICAST the Gear Grabbar Lure Hanger Kit snagged the Best in Show award for the Tackle Management category which is a HUGE field right now.

Also, look for the Gear Grabbar system to be featured in just about every build we have coming up, everything from kayaks on up to Project Gemini because that is how much we like this product.

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