Frogg Toggs on a Bassmaster Adventure

We knew we were going to do a review piece on the Frogg Toggs Firebelly Toadz jacket what we didn’t know was the weather we faced would make this test epic. We began our trip to the to the Bassmaster Classic with a stop in Arkansas to a semi-primitive fishing camp, Springdale’s Duck Camp, while there we were in our Firebelly jackets more often than not. This was not only bearable but very convenient and comfortable.

Jason Cossey The first day was windy, okay, very windy with gusts over thirty miles-per-hour and temps in the mid-thirties. The jacket allowed for a wide range of options and levels of battening down the hatches so to speak. When the wind started whipping frigid air around zipped to the top and the hood up and tight provided awesome protection. As the sun came out and the wind slowed removing the hood and zipping down some left a cool looking jacket that you can where anywhere.

The Toadskinz bibs made for a nice ride across the water on such a cold day. No wind got through at seventy MPH, for a passenger in a single console boat this can make or break your day. The monster pockets in the bibs proved perfect for a couple bags of worms and some weights. High zippers on the legs make it easy to get them on with your boots on, because nobody wants to take their boots off as a storm starts. Adjustability top and bottom insure a good fit as does the elastic waist band.

Now the second day we had some unique conditions blowing snow on a lake with nowhere to hide. Being on a hot lake in the snow meant lots of snow and melting snow with a foggy steam chaser. The neoprene cuffs kept the water from running up my arm avoiding Taylor Boysan uncomfortable situation. The high collar and hood kept the snow from blowing down my neck and the waterproof bibs meant no irritating wet bottom. Staying warm and dry helped make it a memorable experience.

The Firebelly Toadz gave us superior storm protection and so much more. The pockets are many and useful two deep zippered chest pockets, hand pockets, and big belly pockets with smaller pockets inside those. A clip on the inside pocket to attach your keys to and a place for cell phone are a nice touch. The styling is so nice my wife lets me were my Firebelly when we go out so I’m always prepared; it’s not just for severe weather it’s always cool to be seen in your Frogg Toggs. With high marks in styling, protection, construction, convenience and price this is a winner give them a try.

Want to get some for yourself? Head on over to Frogg Toggs and get you some!

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