Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Review: Keeping Your Cool

It’s hot and getting hotter by the minute. These extreme flashes of heat has caused us to check out one of the niftiest things that works for anybody in the outdoors, the frogg toggs Chilly Pad.

The Chilly Pad was designed to keep you cool in any climate during any activity. Using a unique evaporative cooling towel the Chilly Pad is able to absorb hot water and make it cool. Though the temperature control is cool ChillyPadLargethe most interesting part of the concept is the towel feels almost rock hard when dry but when wet it almost feels like a gel towel.

I do have to say that the feeling of the pad is unique but rather odd. There were times when I would forget I had it and I would tilt my head back and just about jump out of my skin! The texture of the wet pad is unreal, the closest thing I could compare it to would be an ultra-premium gel, and it feels almost lifelike which aids in the vanishing act it does.

During our scientific test we started at 110 degree water and saw a more than 20 degree temperature difference in 30 minutes, it also continued to cool for the next four hours. By the end of the test we were declaring witchcraft when I set it down on my lap, lifted it five minutes later and they were bone dry.

The Chilly Pad holds water better than the ol’ “Sham-Wow” but that really isn’t saying much, so let me rephrase that. It holds water like the Sham-Wow claims to. This aids in keeping you comfortable all day long which is always a plus. Frogg toggs also launched the Chilly Dana, this works great while biking or running. Available from 12.95 up to $19.95 for two the Chilly Pads are hard to beat, plus, the new Hot Patterns make a perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend!

Get yours here!

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