Freedom Tackle Spinnerbait Review

On the surface all spinnerbaits are created equal, but that just isn’t true as soon as you dive deeper than the basic appearance. Much like other times in life you might say “Well this one is cheaper, and it does the same thing”; but that is a good way to miss something special.

I’ve had the same Freedom spinnerbait tied on for about 8 months now and I’ve noticed a few things, good and bad. We’ll begin with the overall appearance; the Freedom shows itself like a premium $15 spinnerbait; it has all the bells and whistles of the ultra-premium but comes in at a standard price.

Check out the spring lock, banded skirt, and free swinging hook in all its glory.

The beautifully painted head features a flat bottom which allows the bait to plane and maintain verticality during slow retrieves. The magic however is what is inside the head which is molded around a hollow brass chamber that houses their hook release system for changing out hooks. While this can be done I have had difficulty with the spinnerbait while switching hooks, that said, the hook it ships with shouldn’t be tampered with as it is sharp, tacky, and strong.

Perhaps the best thing about the loose hook is the increased landing rate thanks to the hook being able to swing free, ensuring the weight of the bait doesn’t aid the fish’s ability to throw the hook. Attached to that hook is also a spring keeper for Texas rigging your favorite plastic, our go to is a Power Lizard or Keitech swimbait.

Speaking of little things that make a big difference; this spinnerbait ships with a small red band around the “R” bend of the hook which allows you to either clip the spinnerbait on without worry or tie on without having the problems of your line slipping up and down the wire.

The Freedom Spinnerbait is offered in 3 weights; 6 colors and is only available in double willow at 1/2oz and over, a drawback for night and dirty water anglers.

In summary, I’d say give it a shot; at under $10 it’s a hard bait to go wrong with if you’re a spinnerbait enthusiast or just looking for something different. Get yours and support us by using our Amazon Affiliate link below!

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