FLW Fantasy Fishing: Lewis Smith Lake

With Okeechobee in the rear view and some of our picks from last week not doing so hot we need to make up some points during the Lewis Smith event.

Roland Martin was our upset for the event, ended in 172, not the greatest for a guy that virtually lives on the Big O. It seems Okeechobee threw a wrench into most angler’s plans and caused a major upset in more than a few FLW Fantasy Fishing leagues.

FLW OutdoorsMoving toward the future to Lewis Smith Lake in Alabama we can expect to see some of the river rats come out to play and the powerfishing guys really shine. Lewis Smith is a reservoir in north Alabama that covers just over 21,000 acres, leaving a lot of room for 200 boats, plus the added surprise of being over 200 feet deep. Anglers can expect 5-15 feet of visibility which could present some interesting results for the guys on the water. Those tough conditions couple with the slot could make this difficult.

Brent Ehrler (winner): Ehrler is FLW royalty and is on a hot streak after finally breaking his not-so-great record on Okeechobee. The last time Ehrler fished Lewis Smith was in 2008 and he left with a 12th place but that was during an April event. He is normally known as a finesse fisherman and his favorite time is pre-spawn, this should lend itself well to Lewis Smith and its clear water.

Glenn Browne: Browne didn’t have a bad showing at Okeechobee, coming 31st is good enough to cut a check and earn some points. In 2008 Browne left Lewis Smith with an 8th which gives him some confidence as he hits on the water. Spending most of his time flipping and pitching Browne should be able to translate that into fishing some of Lewis Smith’s various cover to bag five outside of the slot.

Cody Meyer: Cody hasn’t officially fished Lewis Smith but he has been known to catch ’em like crazy on clear water like Havasu. We know Jackall has one of the top finesse and clear water lure manufacturers and I’m sure he has some Jackall secrets up his sleeve.

Scott Canterbury: Lewis Smith is a clear water lake and it ranks as his favorite body of water, if you ask me guys are more apt to do better on their favorite body vs. their most hated. In the last three years Canterbury hasn’t officially fishing Lewis Smith but being as it is on his list he should do pretty well.

Luke Clausen: After talking to Luke during the Bassmaster Classic expo his attitude toward Lewis Smith is flawless, the guy is jacked and ready to hit the water. Pre-spawn finesse is what he does best so we should expect big things from Clausen.

These anglers make up my top 5 for the Lewis Smith event. Any of these guys could take the trophy but Ehrler isn’t going to lie down and let somebody beat him. As I said earlier confidence is key in fishing.


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