Flip In The Bird Review: Watching the Water Boil

The bird is the word, the word in new must haves if you love a top water bite in thick cover. Hollow body frogs and rats have been catchin’ the big ones for years and now they are joined by their pretty cousin, the bird. The Flip In The Bird lure functions like most of the similar products but with the unique addition of an attractive pair of wings and stunning real bird patterns. The wings were pretty long right out of the box but this gave me the opportunity to trim them to what I thought I needed, there is a video on the Flip In The Bird web page to give you some hints but is really up to you how much wing you want.

Flip in the BirdWith nine different patterns to choose from means many common bird species are represented. We grabbed a beautiful bright bluebird that was easy for me to see in the lily pads. On the third cast my little bluebird lure was devoured by a bass and was hooked up solid and fought to the boat. Yes the bird lure works and it works well. The chances of a hook-up are very high while still remaining extremely weedless.

We all keep talking about this as a frog type lure but it is very different in the profile and the way it moves water. Walking the bird lure also adds its own look to this time tested technique; it just moves and pops different than all the rest giving the fish something new to look at. There is another presentation where the bird lure will out fish most others and that is dead sticking the bait. Some days the fish just want the lure stopped dead in its tracks most of the other hollow body lures don’t look very alive sitting still, but the birds wings add a ton of jiggle with the slightest movement.

If you feel like you need another opinion on how effective the Flip In The Bird lure is you might be interested in the fact that big fish expert Mike Long is helping doing research and development for the lure. Nobody catches bigger bass than Mike Long and he doesn’t bother with little fish. The day to day operations of the company are handled by Sam and Dan two guys I had a chance to spend some time with at this years Bassmaster Classic and can tell you they really do want to help you catch more and bigger fish. Good people with an innovative product that really works how cool is that?

So the next time the fish are being tough just Flip them the bird and watch the water boil.

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